Tradition and technology

HENAN SHENGGONG ZHILENG SHEBEI Co.,Ltd. is affliated with Xinhang Group, a subsidiary of Aviation Industry Corporation of China, known as AVIC.with almost 50 years areo technologies on aviation cockpit air conditioner, the Company tekes advantage on the technology on evaporators and condensers and is dedicated to manufacturing high quality auto air conditioner from bus,minibus, trucks and engineering vehicles.

The company has an automative air conditioner test center approved by the National Lab,a provincial level automotive air conditioner R&D center and an experienced technical team. The company is able to independently develop all kinds of air conditioner systems and heat exchanger cores and has got many national technology patents. The company owns 90 sets of testing equipment, the Test Report can be valid in 46 countries.

Brand history

1963, begun to manufacure the Aviation heat exchanger;
1979, Start the study of evaporators and condensers;
1987, Start the development of automotive air conditioning;
1989, Engineering vehicle air conditioning developed successfully;
1990, Bus car air conditioning developed successfully.