SDT Series Bus Air Conditioner

  • Mode:SDT Series;
  • Cooling capacity: 45-50 kw;
  • Refrigerant: R134a;
  • Voltage: 24V;
Item Unit Technical Parameters
Model SDT-48 SDT-50
Passenger travel bus M 9-10 10-45
Cooling capacity Kw 45-48 48-50
Refrigerant R134a
voltage V.DC 24 24
Evaporator Form Tubular (internal thread, hydrophilic foil)
Fan Form Centrifugal
Air volume M³/h 7600 11400
Condenser Form Tubular (internal thread, aluminum foil)
Fan Form Axial flow
Air volume M³/h 12600
Dimensions mm 2115x754x1090 2060x788x1295
Control System Three wind speed (manual / CNC), temperature 15-30 ℃ (continuously adjustable)
Total current                A ≤120 ≤150
safety devices High voltage switch Mpa 2.6
Low voltage switch Mpa 0.05
Fresh air device Standard

1, The overall layout of a compact, space-saving, easy to install, at the same time, easy to balance the vehicle;
 2, Double duct design, so that the wind is more uniform, soft and comfortable;
3, The use of low power consumption, low noise, long life, large air volume of the condensing fan and evaporative fan, high-quality configuration to ensure that the product of high quality;
4, The use of efficient internal copper brass and efficient corrugated heat sink, energy efficiency, reduce emissions, good operating economy; the same time, the cold capacity, the car, the cooling speed inside, the effect is good.