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MQT Series Bus Air Conditioner

  • Model: MQT Series;
  • Cooling capacity: 6000-14000kcal/h;
  • Evaporation air volume 900-2700m³/h;
  • Refrigerant: R134a;
Item MQT-6 MQT-8 MQT-10 MQT-12 MQT-14
Form Built-in Half overhead
Applicable models Single and double truck 9-11 light passenger cars 5-6 m light bus 6-7 m light bus 7-7.5 m light bus
Cooling capacity (kcal/h) 6000 8000 10000 12000 14000
Evaporation air volume (m³/h) 900 1200 1650 2400 2700
Dimensions (mm) 560x411x189 1224x400x172 1507x728x208 1507x728x208 1685x524x149
Condensed air volume (m³/h) 1600 3200 3000 4500 4500
Condenser size (mm) 590x378x393 828x297x299 1166x300x372 1098x453x345 1098x453x345
Compressor model Aotega / three electric shells Construction / three electricity shell Er Three electric shells / law Rio
Refrigerant (Kw) R134a
voltage (VDC) 12/24
Total current (A) ≤80 ≤90 ≤108 ≤115 ≤120
Control System Three windshield (manual / CNC), temperature 15-30 ℃ (continuously adjustable

1, With a large amount of cold, low power consumption, good stability and so on;
2, The condenser with high efficiency parallel flow structure of the core, fins with high efficiency 28 degrees two-way louver structure;
3, The evaporator with high efficiency tube structure core, hydrophilic aluminum foil fins, low noise, light weight;
4, Multiple system automatic protection function, the system is stable and reliable;
5, For small and medium-sized passenger cars, Coaster models built-in, semi-top air conditioning.